January 2022

We have been incredibly busy with life in general.  We retired Bella and kept a daughter from her, Maasai Mara.  She and Oliver who is our precious Eli’s grandson, gave us 4 beautiful kittens. Our Miss Nora who is Genesis daughter gave us 4 fabulous males. Miss Genesis herself, gave us two really nice boys.  We retired Claire but kept her daughter Penny Lane and she had 3 beautiful kittens.

We were fortunate enough to bring in a beautiful Red Classic and White male from Mtnview .  Keegan is a fine looking young man and we look forward to seeing the kittens he will bring us.

Our first show for 2022 Will be February 12 & 13 at Stillwater.  We encourage you all to come see us there.  If you aren’t close enough then find a show near you.

Summer 2020

We are pleased with the kittens that Bella and Genesis presented us.  They are currently 11 and 12 weeks old and are indeed very beautiful kittens.  We currently have 6 kittens available to the perfect home.  Our Most current photos are on the facebook page.  We have plans for new photos this week as the kittens change so very quickly.  If you are interested in a loving furball of your own please get in touch with me to start the process.

We currently have TuftsNTrills Wildman Jakob with us as he is the son of our precious Eli’s Coming and we are hoping for kittens from him in order to continue Eli’s Legacy.  Updates on that when we have confirmation of pregnancy.



April, 20, 2020

We have had a very eventful 12 months.

We attended the Mesquite Cat show with TuftsNTrills Eli, Claire, Genesis and Red Jamie.  All of our babies did very well and received several finals for we are always grateful to the Judges who find our cats acceptable.

The end of April , one of our young females (Claire) broke her leg after falling from the cat tree while wrestling with her siblings.  Surgery was able to repair the leg and she is doing exceptionally well, so much that we can’t remember which leg she broke!

The end of May our sweet Bella, delivered 5 beautiful babies  who we are very proud of and have found their forever homes.

The first of June blessed us with 4 lovely brown kittens from our Abigail and Prince Harry.  We are pleased that they too are with their new familes.  Our Lovely Heidi & Prince Harry, blessed us with a fabulous brown and white boy who was very hard to let go.  But he is now living with his brother in Utah.

July we drove to Manhattan, Kansas to have Prince Harry and our Eli’s hearts echoed and were extremely happy to have excellent results with perfect hearts.  During this same trip we were able to pickup our new Black Silver Classic female, Steelecats Sylvia of TuftsNTrills.  We are pleased she has joined our cattery.

August found us at the South Central Regional Show, in Stillwater, OK.  We experienced some good results for TuftsNTrills Eli, Genesis and Sylvia.

The end of August was devestating for us.  We were heartbroken when we lost our Eli’s Coming unexpectedly.  He was a special young male that we dearly miss.  He was the Son of our Abigail and Lapd Sniper.

We were happy to be able to pickup our first Black Silver Classic male from  Gina’s Dream of Romania.  Ilias, is a very loving boy and we are thankful to Gina for trusting us with our baby.  Check back for updates on his offspring.  Many thanks goes to Tristan Anderson for his special care of our baby during the trip from Romania to Oklahoma.

The end of August, I fell and broke my shoulder and had to have surgery to repair it, so the next months we were unable to attend any cat shows.  

My First trip back to the Show hall  In November was to attend the Mesquite Tx show and another show in Stillwater where were we pleased to receive finals for our Claire, Genesis and Sylvia.  It was nice to be among our cat family again.

In February,  we took all of our girls to Manhattan, Ks for their heart echocardiograms.  We are pleased to announce that TuftsNTrills Lady Bella, Lady Claire, Genesis, Heidi of Jurassic Park, Steelecats Sylvia of Tuftsntrills along with Cascademtn Lord Baxter and Ilias of Gina’s Dream all passed with perfect hearts.!

In March I flew to Corpus Christi to attend a cat show with a son of our Prince Harry and MyLuckystars Engoni.  He’s a nice red ticked male and is so very fearless and a clown.  He captured my heart immediately.  Our thanks to Cindi Buettner for this wonderful young man.  He was fearless in the rings and quite the clever young man in being able to take all of his placards and numbers from top of his cage.  We look forward to seeing him develop.

January was brought in by CandyCoons Ohio City delivering 2 beautiful kittens:  1 brown ticked tabby male: Kitt and 1 Brown Classic tabby and white:  Kaboodle.  It seems that Kitt will mimic his brother Rohan and be fearless as well.  Both Kitt and Rohan will take after their father Prince Harry.

February our lovely Heidi delivered 5 kittens sired by Ilias .  Very lovely kittens and the very first silvers to be born to our cattery.  We are very proud of this litter.  

April Fool’s Day,  we had a very pleasant gift from our beautiful Bella.  She delivered 8 kittens sired by our Ilias.  We were saddened by the loss of a sweet baby just two days later.  We are receiving so much joy from watching her remaining seven grow. Such lovely kittens and all are being watched for development.

April 14th, our gorgeous Gensis delivered her first litter sired again by Ilias.  He is truly a cassanova!  Her babies are growing and are excited to have such lovely kittens and have the joy of watching them grow and develop into lovely pets for the perfect parents.

Currently we have bred Sylvia to our sweet cassanova Ilias.  We are waiting to see if she is indeed with kittens if so they will be due around June 17.

We have plans to breed our Claire with an undetermined male at this time.  Updates to come.

Sequin, Texas April 6-7 2019

We attended the Mission City Cat Show in Sequin Texas with Three of our babies.

TuftsNTrills Elis Coming, adult class, TuftsNTrills Red Jamie Kitten Class, TuftsNtrill Lady Claire Kitten Class

Our results were as follows:

TuftsNTrills Elis Coming finalled in the following: 6 Don Caruthers, 6 Carol Lawson 2L Steve Lawson. Eli did very well for his first time in the show hall. Much appreciation to the Judges who Selected him for finals.

Our Lady Caire was awarded the following Kitten finals: 3 Debbie Brown, 6 AnaMaria Sosa, 6 Don Caruthers, 10 Carol Lawson

Red Jamie was awarded the following Kitten final 1st Best Kitten, Debbie Brown~

Our Gratitude to the all judges for their kind words and for using our cats/kittens in their finals!

Back In The Show Hall!

We are pleased to announce we have been back in the show hall showing several of the Kittens that were bred and raised in our own Cattery.

Colorado Spring: We were pleased to attend the first show by the new cat club. Garden of the Cats. A wonderfully organized show.

We took TuftsNTrills Red Jamie and TuftsNTrills Lady Claire. Both did extremely well. They were very young and a bit itimidated on the first day but the second day were gaining confidence in the new environment.

Red Jame was awarded the following Kitten Finals: 1L, Marylou Anderson, 6 Kim Chnault, 9 Steve Lawson 10 Kay Devilbis, 1L Charlotte Shea, 1 Robin Higgins, 4L Sandi Mattingly, 2 Marylou Anderson

Lady Claire was award the following Kitten Finals: 7 Vickie Fisher, 9 Sandi Mattingly, 3L Marylou Anderson 5 Kay Devilibis 3L Sandi Mattingly, 5 Marylou Anderon 2L Steve Lawson.


We are pleased that all of Bella’s and Abigail’s babies have found their forever homes.  Much appreciation to those families for loving our babies.

Ohio City  presented us with a colorful litter on Oct 24.  She is mom to a beautiful Blue  Girl , a Blue & White Girl, a rich dark Brown Girl and a dark Brown with White Girl.  These kittens appear to have Ticked Coats.  We are excited to watch them develop as these are our very first Ticked kittens.

These kittens along with Heidi’s are under breeder evaluation but we are taking deposits, please complete the application found on our kitten page of the website.


Heidi and Harry’s Babies are here!

On October 22, 2018, Heidi presented us with 6 lovely wee babies.  She had 2 Brown males, 2 torbie with white females, 1 red male  and 1 red with white male.   These babies are under evaluation but if you are looking for your next baby to love feel free to complete the adoption application found on the kitten page.

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