Muskogeecats, Shawnee, OK

May 26th & 27th,  Shawnee, OK

We debuted our two new beauties at the Muskogeecats Cat Show in Shawnee, Ok, held May 26th and 27th.

We were very pleased with the awards received by our Prince Harry.  He placed numerous times in the breed category.  He was called for 3 finals after being chosen Best of Breed.  We were pleased that he placed  7th Best Longhair Cat by Judge Charlotte Shea,  2nd Best Cat by Judge Lynne Shearer out of 44 cats and he was 9th Best Cat by Judge Toni Meisberger out of 43 cats.  We are pleased to announce that our Prince Harry is now Champion Candycoons Prince Harry of TuftsnTrills.

Our Ohio City ( Prissy)  was a dream to show despite her not receiving any finals.  We look forward to her placing in finals as she continues to grow and develop.

We are very proud of these two newcombers.  Thanks goes to Alessa Krafek for allowing us to love these two beautiful babies.


Deer Park, Texas January 26 thru 28th, 2018

Feline PAWS Foundation, Deer Park, TX

** Update:  We now have  confirmation that Lady Bella did indeed receive her Double Grand Champion Title!

What a fabulous show!  This was a three day show that earned Lady Bella 3 finals from the Judges putting her very close to her Double Grand Champion Title.  She received 8th best Long Hair Cat from Judge Charlotte Shea, 6th best Long Hair Cat  from Judge Debbie Prince and 5th Best Cat out of 45 cats, from Judge Donna Armel.  We are honored to have been selected for finals in these judges rings.  The competition is always tough at any TICA show!

Bella’s  litter mate, Tufts n Trills Baruch of Koonary, was especially honored to receive his Supreme Grand Champion Title at this show.  Baruch is being shown by Christie Montgomery.  These two litter mates celebrated their birthdays at this show and Baruch’s gift was his SGC title!




Waxahachie, Tx December 9 & 10, 2017

Tuftsntrills Lady Bella, attended the Turkish Van Cat Club show, Dec 9 & 10 in Waxahachie, Tx.   Our Lady Bella was Best of Breed Maine Coon in 10 of 14 rings.  She was called to a final in Fate Mayes, All-breed Ring where she was placed as 9th Best Cat.  Very proud of this girl!

Our Tuftsntrills Baruch of Koonary, was a show stopper in the Alter Division.  He is a magnificent red, that had 11 finals out of a possible 14 , including 3 Best Cats, to Place Second  Alter of the entire show!  Thanks Christie Montgomery for showing him in such a glorious way!




Red River Rascals

Red River Rascals show was held October 14-15, 2017 in Oklahoma City.

Lady Bella was again in fine form.   We are pleased to announce that she was chosen for two finals amid some tough competition.  Judge Joe Edwards chose her for a final in his ring and placed her 8th Allbreed Cat in a field of 38.  Judge  Charlotte Shea placed her 5th best Longhair  in her Specialty Ring of 19 cats.  Much appreciation to these judges for the honor of our finals.   Looking forward to our next show in Waxahachie, Texas in December.

Austin Cat Fanciers

September 30 thru October 1, Temple, Texas

We were happy to attend the Austin Cat Fanciers show in Temple.  A lovely venue, and as it turned out fabulous weather.

Lady Bella received a final in Judge Charlotte Shea’s ring and placed 2nd best Long Hair cat.  This being her first adult show and with competition fierce, I was very proud of her.  Once the points have been totalled she should have earned her first title of Champion Lady Bella.


KansasKatz -Wichita Ks Sept 16 & 17 2017

Our Lady Bella attended the KansasKatz show in Wichita, Ks this past weekend.  She was awarded 4 finals, placing 4th Best Kitten , Judge Jim Armel, 8th Best Kitten, Judge Donna Armel, 10th Best Kitten Heather Roberts and 10th Best Kitten  Jeff Roberts.

The Judges were impressed with her over all appearance.  Truly amazed at her size as a female.  We are extremely pleased with her acceptance in the show hall.  She isn’t phased at all by the hustle, bustle or the noise.  She is truly her father’s daughter.



Annual-Corpus Christi

What a great and exciting show to attend.  Our very first annual and we were able to show kittens from our cattery!  What a great weekend.  TuftsnTrills Lady Bella was honored with a final and placed 4th best kitten in Judge Irene Van Belzen’s ring.

In addition, TuftsnTrills Baruch of Koonary was awarded 2 finals  placing 6th best kitten under Judges Adriana Kajon, and Laura Cunningham.  We cannot thank Christie Montgomery enough for showing Baruch so magnificently.

We were very honored to have had our kittens finaled at such a prestigious show and among such stiff competition.  Thanks seems such a small way of showing our appreciation to the judges but we will never forget our first annual!


Regional Show Cleburne, TX August 5 & 6

What a wonderful weekend!!    We were very excited to see our dear cat fancy friends and to share a wonderful Regional Awards Banquet. We received Lord Baxter’s award as 13th Best Long Hair Cat of the year.  Much appreciation to all who worked so hard to put on a great show and banquet.  We know the effort that goes into such a presentation and all involved should be highly commend for a job WELL DONE!

Our Lady Bella was awarded two finals  by Judges Charlotte Shea and Kay Devilbis. Her brother Baruch cleaned up with a total of 8 finals and one Best Kitten in Toni Meisberger’s ring.  At the end of the Show Baruch was the 4th Best Kitten of the Show and the 2nd ranked Maine Coon Kitten of the show.    We would like to express our gratitude to Christie Montgomery for showing Baruch in such a fabulous manner.



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