2015- 2016 Regional Awards

Tufts N Trills is proud and very humbled to announce that our

QGC Cascademtn Lord Baxter Rumbelow has received the following South Central Regional Awards.

13th Best Kitten

16th Best Long Haired Cat

2nd Best Brown and White Classic Maine Coon


Our sincere appreciation to Susan Milburn, of Cascademtn  for allowing us

the honor of showing such a wonderful, beautiful cat.

Cleburne, Tx

June 4 & 5th Cleburne, Tx Fort Worth Feline Fanciers

A tremendous show! Everything was on time and well run! The Juniors were in charge and did a great job! We were very excited to be in a wonderful hall and see our old friends again! The new Maine Coon Posse was formed at this show! Of course, Maine Coon folks are always pleased to add honorary Posse members!

Our Miss Heidi placed in 3 finals! She placed 2nd Long Hair, 3rd Long Hair and 4th Long Hair. Much Heartful thanks to the gentle handling by Vicki Shields and Adriana Kajon.

Our big boy Lord Baxter received 3 finals placing 6th Long Hair, 2nd Long hair and 5th Long Hair. Our appreciation to judges Al Walbrun, Harley DeVilbiss and D’Ann Kovik.

Muskogee Cats Muskogee, OK

May 28 & 29 Muskogee, OK

We were very excited to attend the First Annual Muskogee Cats show. What a wonderful locale!
The competition was very intense at this show. It was very nice to meet new Maine Coon people, with gorgeous cats!

Our Lil Heidi was really expressing her fright and dislike of the show hall but was still chosen for 3 finals despite her lack of congeniality! She placed 4th Long Hair twice and Best Kitten. Many thanks to Vickie Shields and Adriana Kajon, Jim and Donna Armel and Elaine Hawksworth-Weitz, for their exceptional patience for our very frightened little girl. We appreciate the very kind words about her being an exceptional example of the breed. We are truly blessed.

2016-2017 Show Year begins

Our next stop was the Dallas Pet Expo held May 21-22, by the Fort Worth Feline Fanciers

Only our Lord Baxter attended this show due to the expected high noise level. Our Miss Heidi is still a bit skittish in the show hall so we saved her the undue stress. But of course our well seasoned Lord Baxter was his normal, calm, cool, & collected show boy!

We were very excited to receive 6 finals. Our handsome boy placed 6th, 5th, 10th, 5th, 4th LH, and 2nd LH. Our thanks to Joe Edwards, D’Ann Kovick, Jim Armel, and Toni Meisberger for selecting him in their rings!


Oklahoma City Thunderkatz April 30 and May 1st.

A great show! One of the best run shows we have been to! Our Lil Heidi did well. She placed 7th, 10th and 5th Longhair. Many thanks to Vicki Fisher, Vicki Jo Harrison and Fate Mays.

Our Lord Baxter finaled 6 times placing 8th, 9th, 9th, 10th 6th and 5th Longhair. Our appreciation to Hisako Yamada, Vicki Fisher, Harley DeVilbiss, Jim Armel, Bobbie Tullo for the honors you bestowed on our handsome boy!

We were most pleased to learn that Cascademtn Lord Baxter Rumbelow received his Quadruple Grand Champion title!! Now for that ever elusive Best Cat in order to claim the Supreme Grand Champion Title.

Heart Scans

We were very excited to have the HCM scans perfomed on CascadeMtn Lord Baxter and Myluckstars Xena of TuftsnTrills. They both scanned normal, with the comments that Lord Baxter had one of the best scans there! We are excited to be able to proceed with our planned mating between the two of them!

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