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Maine Coons

Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon Cat Colors

Maine Coon Info

Bringing Your Kitten Home

Introducing your kitten to its new home.

Keeping your Kitten Safe

Pet Proofing your home

Mitigating Potential Hazards for your Pet

Introducing Your Kitten to a Dog


The Links Below are Listed in Order of My Recommendation 

Bob Cat Raw Pet Food

Viva Raw Pet Food

Darwin Raw Diet

How to Order Darwin

Primal Frozen Chubs for Cats

Vital Essentials Raw Diet

Where to buy Vital Essentials

Where to buy Primal Frozen

Hare Today Ground Chicken

Feline Nutrition Questions and Answers

Basics of Feline Nutrition

Why Feed Raw?

Pros and Cons of Raw Diet

Why Vets are Against Raw Diet

How to transition your pet to raw diet

Stella and Chewys Freeze Dried Food

A letter for your Veterinarian

Where to purchase rabbit and other prey


HCM Info

Poisonous Plants

Alternatives to Declawing

The Truth About Declawing


What is Declawing

Declawing is Gruesome

No Declaw Vets by State

Smoking Dangers

Dangers of Vaccines

Clean Teeth

Pet Toothbrushes

Gingivitis and Stomatitis

*******Dry Food and Teeth Condition*******


How to Give a Show Bath



Toys and Trees

Cat Trees

Cloud 9 Cat Trees

Cleaning Tips

Fur Removal from Carpets and Furniture

Recommended Breeders

Maine Coons


Miscellaneous Info

How Much Is it- Cat Costs


Tips for Travel By Car

Tips for Travel by Plane

More Air Travel Tips

Pet Travel Safety

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