April of 2015 here we go.

April of 2015 here we go. ThunderKatz, Oklahoma City
I never knew it required so much “stuff” to show a cat! Then after getting there I learn I really didn’t bring everything I needed. Learning curve!
It took one ring to learn that not all cats are meant to be in the show ring. The poor dear was so frightened. The noise and the smells totally overwhelmed him. Each ring became more of a trial. Each ring he became more insistent that he wasn’t going to show. He hissed, he scratched and by the second day he was biting us the closer we approached the rings. Needless to say he never completed his second day of showing.
This show is where I met the most wonderful Mentor a new exhibitor/ breeder could possible have. She encouraged me to expose Ciaran to new sights and sounds. Take him everywhere with you she said. So off we to garage sales where he was forced to meet new people, we went to Atwoods, Sears, Ace Hardware, Tractor Supply and even more garage sales. PetsMart! He was doing great! We are ready for our next show!

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